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This is where I keep my modules. All my blog posts are on my portfolio site.
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About Me

its a picture of me ya bish (ya bish)

I joined this class because I really want to improve my coding skills. I began creating websites in HTML when I was in elementary school, but recently I have found that I really enjoy the stuff. My New Year's resolution is to become a full-stack developer.

I love to go to coding events and other software things here at MSU, because I'm always trying to improve.

Contact me at laylinda (at) msu (dot) edu!

Learn Git and GitHub!

Here is some info to help you learn GitBash: Git Cheat Sheet

The difference between Git and GitHub is that GitHub is an online community that provides you a place to store and share code, and Git is an on-computer version control system for tracking changes in computer files and coordinating work on those files among multiple people - a powerful tool in software development. View my presentation here!

learn git u scrub

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